Two simple offers

1. ONE SHOT SEGMENTATION – fixed price offer, starting from 5000$.

What you give us: a customer transaction file is sufficient.
What you get: analysis of your business and your customer base, their profiles and behaviors, your KPIs for acquisition, loyalty, retention, re-purchase, concentration, identified business levers, recommendations for marketing actions and the associated target turnover.

2. SAAS LICENCE SAAS – according to the volume of integrated data.

What you give us : access to your customer data sources and your campaign tool for the assembly of DATACOOK flows. We use your raw data, so there is little IT burden.
What you get
: unlimited access to the DATACOOK solution, your strategic segments continuously updated and activated from your campaign tool, segment exports, your dashboards via the DATACOOK interface, our business support to maximize the use of your segments, our recommendations for your relationship marketing plan.